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A pioneer of fast food industry in Malaysia. Aspired to provide the best dining experience for any occasion, Nasi Kukus MY Mama is a prominent chain of traditional Malay food restaurants primarily founded in Kuantan, offering adiverse range of dishes, everyday and special meal sets cooked and served usingauthentic recipes and original ingredients. Founded in Kuantan recently,Nasi Kukus MY Mama has already expanded five branches across Kuantan, gaining positive feedback from customers. In near future, we are planning to extend another 14 branches in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bharu, Kelantan and Terengganu – offering more delicious meal sets for customers particularly the children, party meals and franchising programmers supplemented with drive thru & online sale services.Our branches are located in:

  • Gambang, Kuantan
  • Pekan, Kuantan
  • Air Putih, Kuantan
  • Taman Tas, Kuantan
  • Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan
  • Jaya Gading, Kuantan
  • Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan
  • Pekan 2 ( Peramu Permai
  • Indera Mahkota, Kuantan (coming soon)
  • Bukit Goh ( coming soon)


Be it a casual drop-by in order to have a quick bite during your lunch hours, or a pleasant family dinner. You are always welcome to step in here at Nasi Kukus MY Mama – a perfect blend of cosy relaxing ambience, great traditions of delicious Malay cuisine and convenience of a fast food restaurant.


Things that we strongly believe in, that we stand for and that shape and direct our business. With a due dedication and commitment to a diligent serve and support of local traditional restaurant industry, Nasi Kukus MY Mama envisions itself in becoming one of the most popular local restaurant chains in Kuantan, and later nationwide business expansion in long term perspective. Our mission lies in providing the best fast food experience through offering a diverse range of meal sets at the most affordable prices coupled with uncompromising hospitality and second-to-none services. Therefore, we aim at maintaining our dishes and services quality along with uniqueness of the restaurant ambience.


Find out what features have marked us out in the market.Here is a brief account on it:

1. We use only authentic recipes and original ingredients in order to reproduce the whole richness of flavours and tastes for better dining experience.

2. Quickness of fast food restaurant with which we serve our customers is another advantage as it helps saving your time in hasty lunch breaks.

3. Traditional Malay hospitality and cordiality with which we welcome everyone who steps in our restaurants.

4. The comfort and cosiness of our space which create the most suitable atmosphere for your relaxation and enjoyment.

5. We hire professional chefs with a remarkable amount of experience in order to ensure that meals are served in the most delicate way.


Get to know about ourtempting combination of deliciously prepared traditional meals and excellentservice range. Traditional, delicious andauthentic – our meals are prepared and served with the utmost love and care inorder for your complete satisfaction and great food experience. The food on ourmain menu includes:

The Famous Nasi Kukus My Mama Kuantan

  • Ayam Berampah My Mama
  • Ayam Merah My Mama
  • Ayam Kicap My Mama
  • Opor Ayam My Mama
  • Kambing Masala My Mama
  • Daging Kerutuk My Mama

Let’sindulge in the fest of delicious flavours and tastes with Nasi Kukus My Mama!

About Us

Are you looking forauthentic aromatic steamed rice? Nasi Kukus My Mama serves freshlycooked Nasi Kukus (steamed rice) with umpteen delicious side dishesto complement with. Located conveniently in Kuantan town, Nasi KukusMy Mama is known for its signature dish – Nasi Kukus, and otherlocal and authentic food at a price that you will surely love suchas:

  • The Famous Nasi KukusMy Mama
  • Ayam Berempah My Mama
  • Ayam Merah My Mama
  • Ayam Kicap My Mama
  • Opor Ayam My Mama
  • Kambing Masala MyMama
  • Daging Kerutuk MyMama

Authentically cookedchicken and beef dishes complement perfectly to the steamed riceprepared by our chefs, giving it superb tastes, coupled with ourspacious surroundings with plenty of seating, making a great mealeven better for you and your family.

Nasi Kukus My Mama - Gambang Branch

A37-A41, Jalan Bandar Gambang 1, Pusat Komersial Bandar Gambang 1, 26300 Kuantan.

Nasi Kukus My Mama - Pekan Branch

Anjung Warisan Pekan, Lot PT 5173, Tingkat 1, Jalan Sultan Abdullah/ Sultan Ahmad 26600 Pekan.

Nasi Kukus My Mama - Taman Tas Branch

Lot  A19, Lorong Pandan Damai 2/2, Batu 7, Taman Tas, Jalan Gambang, 26070 Kuantan

Nasi Kukus My Mama - Bukit Sekilau Branch

B106, Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Bukit Sekilau, 25200 Kuantan.

Nasi Kukus My Mama - Air Putih Branch

A235, Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Air Putih, Semambu , 25300 Kuantan.

Nasi Kukus My Mama - Jaya Gading Branch

No. B-12-, G Floor Bandar Jaya Gading,

Jaya Gading 25150,

Kuantan Pahang.